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Block Management

The management of leasehold residential property is a complex business requiring a full understanding of the structure and meaning of leases, a thorough knowledge of the statutory requirements of the various landlord and tenant legislation (there are six key Acts of Parliament) and compliance with the recognised Codes of Practice.

In effect managing a block of flats is like managing a business which requires specific skills and time.

Some lessees who own their freehold, who have exercised their Right To Manage or who have been given the responsibility to manage by the freeholder do self-manage their properties perfectly satisfactorily – so why use a managing agent? Because, if you select the right managing agent, they will:

  1. Have a full understanding of leases and relevant legislation
  2. Have an in-house team (and outside contractors) to deal with all aspects of managing the property.
  3. Be able to provide full accounting facilities for budgeting, service charge collection and year-end accounting.
  4. Deal with arrears collection.
  5. Most importantly, free up the lessees to enjoy their homes and reduce the personal time that lessees would otherwise have to give in managing the property themselves.


Mint has experience in managing developments from the very small upwards.

Whether you have just gone through the right to manage process and need somebody to relieve the day to day stress of running your property, or if you’re a Residents Association who aren’t sure where to start – we are here to help.

So if you’re unhappy with your current Agent and looking to change, just give us a call and we’ll give you sound, no obligation advice.

So … If you are looking for an expert agent that won’t let you down, don’t delay call us today